Concrete is a long-lasting, durable material that is well-suited to both interior and exterior applications. At Concrete Connection, “Your project is our project!”

We all know that concrete is durable and easy to maintain, but it also can add an element of beauty and design to both interior and exterior projects. At Concrete Connection, we can add color, pattern, or texture to your design, adding endless possibilities for creativity and artistry in a final project that you’re sure to love.

Traditional gray works well for basic applications, but adding one or more colors to your design is a simple way to add flair. We can color your concrete by adding a pigment to the mixture. There are many appealing colors to choose from. For a sample palate of choices, click here.
(PDF file link to click on to see the color choices)

A topically-applied acid-based chemical stain lightly etches the surface of the concrete to create a faux-finish effect. Combining colors using by using a variety application techniques adds a rich, mottling effect that adds great character and depth to the look of the concrete. The design becomes a permanent part of the concrete, without fading, chipping, or peeling away. Any type of concrete can be stained, regardless of the age -- brand-new or existing -- or the color –- both traditional gray and colored concrete can be stained.

Concrete dying, on the other hand, allows us to achieve much richer, more vibrant colors than we can with staining. These colors are great when used in combination with more muted earth tones, creating stark contrasts and the possibility for gorgeous designs.

Stamped concrete is also known as textured concrete or imprinted concrete. By scoring, engraving, sandblasting, etching, or stenciling the concrete, we can make it look just like brick, slate, flagstone, stone, or tile. These techniques can transform an ordinary concrete surface into an appealing design.

With superior durability and performance, polished concrete never needs waxing. Customers can choose the level of polish, from satin to high-gloss. Combining staining with polishing creates the look of stone and provides a beautiful alternative to marble, granite, linoleum or tile. Formerly found only in industrial settings such as warehouses and offices, polished concrete flooring is now finding broad appeal with homeowners as well.

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